Why Is FINNS Beach Club The Best Beach Club In Bali? (2024)

We don’t all arrive in Bali with the perfect beachside wardrobe, do we? And you can easily expand your beachwear collection or pick up something slinky for your night out in our retail stores.

  1. FINNS Grand Boutique – this is our marquee retail offering and you will love the range of cool clothing we carry here. Brands like Bing2O, VacayCo, Samapura Jewelry, Velvet Morning, Agua Brazilian, That Guy Co. Kelapa Kartel, skwosh, H, Trovica, Chilli Beans, etc. are found here and, of course, if you were looking for some awesome FINNS Merch, you can get that here too.

  2. FINNS VIP Boutique– this is the next level of retail offering at FINNS and it’s the perfect place to show off your island fashion credentials and pick up something truly unique. You can enjoy brands such as Momo Batik Bali, Sixtyonesaints, Mikey by Curly, Bross Before Hos, GINGERSNAP, Maison Les Enerves, and more here.

FINNS Can Hold Memorable Private Events Too

If you’re looking for an amazing group booking to enjoy a birthday party, a wedding event (pre or post), a corporate day out, a family gather, a friendly get together or a hen’s night (sorry, no buck’s do’s at the moment) then FINNS will be happy to ensure that you have an amazing time of things.

Amy celebrated her husband’s 40th with us and she said; “Hi all. A big thank you for the service and venue the other day for my husband’s 40th. It was fantastic. Much appreciated. All our guests were so excited about the party and the place. Thanks for your assistance with this booking. Perfect.”

Vloggers Love FINNS And FINNS VIP Beach Club

It’s hard to write an article on why you’re the best beach club in Bali without sounding like you’re blowing your own trumpet.

Don’t worry, we haven’t got tall poppy syndrome, we’re just sharing the truth of what our customers say about us.

Vloggers love FINNS and they’re not afraid to say so. Check out what some of them have to say:

Martin Explores

Martin is happy to give you a full tour of our beach club which he describes as “the world’s BEST beach club”.

Check it out: Martin Explores

Lord Williamson

This channel went to investigate Bali’s nightlife and came to the conclusion that FINNS is the “BEST CLUB IN BALI”.

They were impressed at how good the party vibe was and the reasonable prices on offer. We can’t say fairer than that.

Check it out: Lord Williamson

See With Sourabh

Sourabh says that FINNS is the “WORLD’S BEST BEACH CLUB” and he provides a wonderful walking tour of the place.

Check the comments to see how impressed his viewers were too.

Check it out: See With Sourabh

Lucy Gray

Lucy is kind enough to say that we’re “BALI’S BEST BEACH CLUB” and she offers a very energetic and interesting vlog of her time with us.

Her video of FINNS won her channel a bunch of new subscribers.

Check it out: Lucy Gray

Wanderlust Waiting

Wanderlust Waiting spent her birthday with us at FINNS and she said “The whole experience is so much better than the videos I’d seen before”.

“I couldn’t have found a better place to spend my birthday,” she offered. We’re glad we could help to make her special day and we hope to make your next special occasion awesome too.

Check it out: Wanderlust Waiting

Hey Leena

Leena’s video isn’t in English but it’s nice to get a feel for the international appeal of FINNS and she does consider us to be the “World’s Best Beach Club.”

Check it out: Hey Leena

We’re Popular On Instagram Too

Check out recent posts by 187nson, AlyssaAndTheCity, Shion_S, P__NR, and MichaelGWN to see how we get the most love of all the beach clubs in Bali from influencers.

More testimonials

Ondreaz Lopez is an American online personality known best for his extensive presence on Instagram and TikTok. Initially, his platform started through his passion of dancing with his brother Tony Lopez, and they are known globally as the Lopez Brothers. With over 25million followers across his social media accounts, he is globally one of the largest Influencers who has been known to work with other global celebrities like Charli D’amelio, Addison Rae and even has appeared on The Apollo hosted by Steve Harvey. He is also a music artist, which his songs can be found on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.



Charli D’amelio:




He says: “My first time at FINNS lived up to the hype and expectation! The music and food was amazing – the entire atmosphere of the venue really! All the servers were quick to help and always had big smiles on their faces. I will be back to my favourite Bali beach club asap!”

Check out his socials here: TiktokInstagram

Madison Lamberts opinion: “FINNS is my number one go to spot for a good time in Bali! The vibe is always great no matter what time of day or night. I have to say I have ordered the prawns numerous times in a week as they are so good – all the seafood is! Great extensive menu for sharing in groups looking for a day or night outing! I never come to Bali without visiting FINNS 😊”
Her socials here: TiktokInstagram

Lewis Tansays:“From the music to the service, the views and the vibes, FINNS has it all and does it with style. Where else can you see a dancing discoball and fire gymnasts in the same night, a truly good vibe and top VIP service. Will definitely be back to do it big again.”

See his socials here: Instagram

Lewis Singwah Tan, the English actor and martial artist, has made an indelible mark on the entertainment world through his infamous career of acting. He can be seen as the lead role in James Wan’s reboot of “Mortal Kombat” for Warner Brothers and New Line. Also widely recognised for his compelling performances in AMC’s “Into the Badlands,” Netflix’s “Wu Assassins,” and “Shadow and Bone,” Tan’s versatile talent and commanding presence have captivated audiences globally.

Netflix Star & Pro American Footballer Chase DeMoor andSocial Media Star Gabrielle Moses say: “We LOVED our experience at FINNS, not only did we have such an amazing time but the food was also a 10/10! We did both the VIP and the beach club and had a blast. We’ve traveled across the globe and this is definitely our favorite beach club! Monsoon is also such a fun vibe for dinner, has a great way of Turning dinner into a party! Will for sure be back next time we are in Bali :)”

Their socials here:


Gabrielle & her Youtube

Other Numbers Say That We’re The Best Too

A recent survey of social media and search performance showed that FINNS Beach Club is the most popular beach club in the world. Over 2 million people a year search for us online, far more than for any other beach club.

Final Thoughts On Why FINNS Is The Best Of The Best Beach Clubs In Bali

Why Is FINNS Beach Club The Best Beach Club In Bali? (2024)
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